A TRIUNE PRAYER  (Chris Anderson, Molly Ijames)
CALL TO WORSHIP  (Chris Anderson, Richard Nichols)
CHRIST IS SUFFICIENT  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
COME, LONELY HEART  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
COME QUICKLY, LORD  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
DRAW NEAR THROUGH CHRIST  (Chris Anderson, James Koerts)
EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW  (Chris Anderson, Molly Ijames)
FOR THE SAKE OF HIS NAME  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
GAZE ON THE CHRIST  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
GIVE HIM GLORY!  (Chris Anderson, Richard Nichols)
GLORIA DEO!  (Chris Anderson, Joey Hoelscher)
GOD HAS SPOKEN  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
GOD SUPREME  (Chris Anderson, Paul Keew)
HE WAS WOUNDED  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
HIS ROBES FOR MINE  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
HOLY, MIGHTY, WORTHY  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
HOSANNA TO THE KING  (Chris Anderson, Richard Nichols)
I AM WITH YOU  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
I LOVE THE CHURCH  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
I RUN TO CHRIST  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
JEHOVAH'S BRIDE  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
MERCY  (Dustin Battles, Joey Hoelscher)
MY JESUS, FAIR  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
MY LORD WAS EMPTIED  (Chad Phelps & Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
PRAISE OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST  (Chris Anderson, Paul S. Jones)
RELENTLESS LOVE  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
SALVATION'S CUP  (Chris Anderson, Molly Ijames)
SECURED BY SOVEREIGN LOVE  (Isaac Watts [alt. by Faye López], Faye López)
THE FATHER LOOKS ON ME  (Chris Anderson, Rebekah Anderson)
TO LIVE OR DIE  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)
WHAT MANNER OF LOVE  (Eric J. Alexander, Paul S. Jones)
WAND'RING PILGRIM  (David Brainerd [alt. by Joe Tyrpak], Paul Keew)
YOU ARE ALWAYS GOOD  (Chris Anderson, Jonathan Hamilton)
YOUR BEAUTY FILLS OUR EYES  (Chris Anderson, Greg Habegger)

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