His Robes for Mine CD

His Robes for Mine CD

About the CD

Worship is every Christian’s duty and delight. There is no exercise more worthwhile or satisfying than exalting our God. It is to that great end that these hymns have been composed and recorded. The lyrics are the result of my meditations on the Scriptures. By God’s grace, they’ve been used to express and expand the church’s appreciation of the gospel

Greg Habegger teamed with me on all but two of these hymns. He has an amazing ability to compose stirring tunes that match, support, and beautify texts. I thank God for him and his friendship. I’m also grateful to Molly Ijames for composing the tune to “Every Knee Shall Bow” and to Paul S. Jones for the tune to “Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Many thanks to Paul Thompson, who arranged these hymns for congregation and orchestra. This CD is a display of his genius for music and heart for ministry. The spectacularly simple arrangements are available for purchase from our store and will be useful for both congregations and choirs, both pianists and orchestras. Thank you, Paul, for leveraging your gifts and energy to make this project happen. I am also grateful to Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, where Paul serves. Music Pastor Don McMinn discovered the hymns, then introduced them to Pastor Chuck Swindoll, who has been a kind advocate of ChurchWorksMedia. They have fostered a love for doctrinal hymns and beautiful music at Stonebriar, as evidenced by the willingness of almost 150 of the church’s musicians to participate in this live recording. (What an unforgettable morning!)

Finally, thanks to other friends who lent their considerable talents to this project, including photographer and graphic designer Jared Miller, videographer Peter Hansen, sound technician Jason Webb, and CD manufacturer Andrew Green.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified (Psalm 115:1). Grace!

Chris Anderson